Our Beginnings

The Latino STEM Alliance (LSA) was born out of the vision of a group of STEM professionals who witnessed the lack of diversity in the tech sector and the challenge that corporations faced with filling highly qualified positions. These professionals seized on an opportunity to broaden the career perspectives of under-served youth by developing STEM programs in marginalized communities.

Our Team Today


Bill Allan

Interim Executive Director

Bill brings years of experience as Executive Director of several non-profit organizations and has been involved as a committed volunteer and past board member of LSA.

Sarah Abramson

Program Manager

Sarah, joined Latino STEM Alliance in 2014. Prior to joining Latino STEM Alliance, Sarah was the local Program Manager for the Making Music Matters organization.  Sarah also worked in the private sector before joining the non-profit industry.
Contact Sarah:
[email protected]

Lauren Cooke

Program Coordinator
Lauren has extensive background in working to leverage educational technology solutions to reduce learning and opportunity disparities in educational institutions.
Contact Lauren:
[email protected]

Reinier Moquete

Board Member
Reinier Moquete is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner for Advoqt, an IT consulting firm based in Boston, MA.

Raul Porras

Board Member
Raul Porras, co-founder of the Latino STEM alliance, is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of Innovation at SAP.
Emily Shamieh
Board Member Emily Shamieh has a deep passion and commitment to educating underserved children. She has dedicated her life to “evening the playing field”.

Emily Shamieh

Board Member
Emily Shamieh has a deep passion and commitment to educating underserved children. She has dedicated her life to “evening the playing field”.

Lucille Spera

Board Member
Lucille is a seasoned marketing professional who has concentrated her experience in the Technology Sector. Lucille also invests her time writing grants for non-profit organizations.