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Latino STEM Alliance has great respect for those that have achieved success and now aim to share it with others. Your commitment to education and to the economic empowerment of the less fortunate will be best executed via a partnership with our organization. Latino STEM Alliance is in a unique position to offer a service that delivers a tangible ROI for our country as a whole AND also a much needed philanthropic movement to rally around. Our activities are cost effective:
  • We work with existing community organizations & schools, which means that we don’t spend money on infrastructure nor money/time recruiting kids.
  • We only execute proven best-practice activities... we don’t reinvent the wheel, but we ensure that great tool is accessible to those who need it most!
Our model is scalable:
  • We leverage existing partner resources, such as teachers from within the same school, to deliver much of our programing (after being trained by LSA). This cuts down on political conflicts, ensures alignment with other in-class activities, and helps build capacity within the partner institution.
  • We work with many partners and thus can both distribute as well as share resources across many sites. Volunteers, who are always hard to find, are a good example of this... they can change jobs or have new family  commitments. We’ll offer a different location and/or a less intensive activity to participate in.
  • The organization is nimble and agile. Because multiple programs and locations are running concurrently, we can immediately apply lessons learned and not make the same mistakes.
Our work is focused:
  • The Department of Labor estimates that 80% of the fastest growing occupations require math and science competency and that by 2018 STEM jobs will grow by 34% while qualified candidates will only increase by 14%.
  • A 2011 study by Education Trust indicates that by the time Latino and African American students graduate from High School, their math and reading skills are roughly the same level as 13-yr old white students. The study also found that the gap continues to widen.
  • Latinos have a national High School dropout rate of around 42%.
  • LSA focuses 100% of our work in the communities with the highest poverty rates in MA.

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